Thursday, July 31, 2008

i`m a SUPERWOMAN; yes i am

Being that I`m starting high school this year [ freshman baby ], I will be extra busy . I also have cheerleading too . I cheer for JV at Marlboro County High . Camp is coming up August 3 - August 5 and I will be gone .

On the other hand, school starts back August 18 and I will always have to cheer Thursdays and maybe I won`t be at home on Fridays .

All this week, my squad and Varisty have been teaching a Little Bulldog camp and let me tell you, I have been through hell and back . When it first started on Monday, I was cool and I had fun . Then as time started ticking and the days passed by, I started getting tired . I had to help teach this combination cheer that consists of 4 different cheers . Those kids were a wreck . I worked with the 3 - 6 year olds and the 10 - 14 . Between the two, I don`t know which is worst . All the babies wanted to do was play Duck, Duck, Goose and run around . This one little girl named HeHe [ we called her that because she laughs like hehe; I don`t know her real name ] was getting on my last nerve . She was just BAD ! The older kids thought they were grown ! These little girls thought they knew EVERYTHING . I wanted to strangle these two little girls . Today was the worse though because everybody wanted to fight . Two girls wanted to jump my homie Kayla for no reason . I was like let's do this then . Then these two other girls were about to go at it . One was skinny and the other was a tomboy . Now if that skinny girl would have went in that tomboy face and said hit me, she would have went flying down those bleachers .

Basically, I feel like a superwoman doing all these things . I feel like I can do almost anything, but you don`t want me to get started on relationships, that`s a whole nother boat ride ...

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80sbaby. said...

Aaaahhh high school, I remember those days. I feel you busy part, I'll be starting college this fall.
rawk on us!