Friday, August 29, 2008

hey, it`s free . =]

hey everyone, i apoloogize for not getting on a lot ! it`s been real hectic && I`ve been busy wit exams .

but I`m back && I`ve made some graphixx ! =] Some aren`t new but others are . . .


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ehh au revoir? :(

I don't want to exactly say that I am leaving Urbnfiends but I think I will need to take a hiatus at least, if possible. Today was the first day of school and the only reason I am on the computer is because I'm ordering pizza loll. I still want to be part of urbnfiends very much, but the way these teachers piled everything on me is ridiculous! Trust that when ever I can I will be on here and when I come online I will be here,and trying to help get new people too! Thanks to staff for letting be apart of UF also.

I'll be here when I can!



Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Check your email

Things have slowed down alot since our last meeting and we need to get them back up there. If you haven't been checking your email do so now and respond to every email that was sent. Especially if it has dealings with the graphic shop.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

thee "respect" series . [ adding more ]

i`ve been working overtime w my graphics since i spent ( almost ) the entire summer slacking .

there`s some new things .

opinions ? critiques .. etc ?

p s taye i`ll email you my 3 examples soon . i just have the hardest time picking out my best / fave =[

two up,

a h n a

new creation =]

[janetjackson] i need some feedback, ooohhh [/janetjackson] lmao . ok folks i made a new creation and i need some feedback . i haven`t made anything in a while so i decided to make something of Avril Lavigne . tell me what you guys think .

Saturday, August 9, 2008

i needdd.

Some sites to find HQ pictures.
Of like.....anything. Well people wise. Actors,actresses,musicians,anythingg!!!


eye manipulations

guess what fiends ? i found an eye manipulation tutorial ! can i get a woot woot ? this tutorial is very good and i think it`s tranferable if you don`t have PSP =] . i have tried it and it`s pretty simple =] . < -- go there . here are my two that i did =] :

Try at an manipulation

Friday, August 8, 2008

Program Problem.

I am having problems getting my Paint Shop Pro program back up because I need to get the newest version, to go along with Window Vista.

I might need a few weeks to get it off e-bay, as soon as my money comes in, so my graphic game is at a stand still right now.

I'll still be around for the meetings and posting of things.
Something messed up with the trial, and it took my 30 days, so basically I have to pay like $35.00 for it.

I should have the program back before the 30th of August.

i know it's such short notice.

But I will not be able to attend the meeting.I thought it was going to be 5PM my time (eastern) Cause I am going to be busy at 5 central.

If someone doesn't mind informing me on what happened that would be great.

Sorry everyone.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

allow me to REintroduce myself ...

my name is Lex ... L to the E - X ! LMAO ! since some people may not know EVERYTHING about me, I will take time out to give you some simple facts about me .....

Name : Alexis La`Faith Townsend
Alias : Pooh, Lexi, Rexxi
Birthday : November 26, 1993
Age : 14
Location : South Carolina
Hobbies : Graphic designing, dancing, singing,
writing, drawing, cheering and cooking .
Motto : You can only live one life,
so live your life to the fullest !
those are just some simple things about me that you guys may wonder . if you have a myspace add me at ! i go on there everyday and also add my graphic site on there . anything else you want to know about me feel free to ask me on myspace or YIM . i also have AIM if you want to add me : theCHOSENonelexi

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

my favorite words&phrases

ubber,like extra, or alot. that's ubberly overrated, go geek,I went geek the first time I heard a song by Paramore, fuck monsters, those fuck monsters are at it again, dickhead, you're such a dickhead, or stop being a dickhead, like IDK why but it's like I say like ubberly.

What I think about you.

We were suppose to this along time ago. I just though we’d do it in our first meeting. But it’s taking hella long to even get to the meeting. If you are not on the list then I don’t know who you are so comment and get added. The characters in the () is everyone’s yahoo messenger address. You have their permission to add them. If an email is next to this person’s name they don’t have yahoo messenger so please take the time out to send them an email introduce yourself. O.k. o.k. So these are the members of 2008.

Niecy (rnb_lover91), Meagan (urbnfiends.lyric), Alexis (pooh_fizzle), Rena (xxxbabyrenaxxx), Nique

Members 2008 All of the following members are active user of SD. So if you are not go to this check it out get to know each other
Taylor (mrs_chrisbrown91), Effie (fashion_junkie17), Ari (piscesprinxessxo), Freedom (freezyxbay),
Angelina (, Natasha (, Sarah (sweetpinklemonade0)

Iesha (, Lena (

Now, some of the members are good on commenting, so if you post a blog, you’ll most likely meet atless 2 members by just doing that. So if you don’t have yahoo messenger you have no excuse not to know the members of your group.

So our official members list:

This is going to be a long blog post that’s what I’m known for though right. I want to say something about everybody not because I have to but I’m bored and I’d like too. Feel free to copy me.

Niecy, freaking rocks. I’ve been hounding her since the day I joined UF and she hasn’t snapped and cussed me out yet so we’re cool.

Alexis, best fucking designer in the group that’s just my opinion though you’re all good but I so envy this chick. She has a great personality, lots of talent, oh and she’s a cheerleader. Cheerleaders are usually bitches so exceptation right here in urbnfiends Lexi is great.

Rena, I haven’t gotten the chance to know Rena, I do know she’s a good designer though. And her current status is Yall can stfu and kiss my ass that’s all I know about Rena. Oh and she went on a really amazing vacation.

Nique, yep.

Taylor, Rock Star. Tell me why that came to mind when I though of Taylor. She’s the best though. Wonderful personality, helpful, she likes Gary Ventura, uh I’ve had some really good convos with her I don’t remember what they were about, which probably means we were goofing. She’s another one of my favorite urbnfienders.

Ari, twisted ankle angel. Lmao. Don’t murder me for that Ari. Yet another one of my favs. Ari rocks. She makes me laugh. And, proud that I’ve been with urbnfiends from the beginning. I seriously could have been like damn still here, and I still suck, but Ari makes me feel good about it lol. If that makes any sense. Who wouldn’t like Ari really?

Effie, her name makes her cool as fuck. She doesn’t even have to talk just say Hey my name’s Effie. And, I’m like wow really how cool you rock!

Freedom, I haven’t gotten the chance to know her but she seems cool. Like a person I’d like to be cool with.

Angelina, another I haven’t gotten to know. But, she does have the same name as one of my old best friends. So, that’s cool.

Natasha, she was in the group before she filled out the application, that’s how much I liked the way she represented. The Prima J graphics were hot stuff.

Iesha, BBS I say bbs because we didn’t see anybody we liked from there but her and another girl, so bbs. :smh:

Lena, Niecy I say Niecy because after looking at all that stuff from BBS Niecy actually liked someone, and I felt like I achieved something. So Lena rocks for making me look good. And, she’s in college. And, a blog that she posted made me really like it. I felt like urbnfiends is coming back. So go Lena, go Lena.

Sarah, almost didn’t make this list. LMAO. If I didn’t talk to you about joining the group then I have no idea who you are because no one ever introduces me to anyone. So, if you didn’t come by me. :shrugs: Get at me like on a serious note. No, I got a chance to talk to her on yahoo. Good addition to the fam.

After all of this. I’m positive you all think I’m a major shameless geek. Which I kinda am so you’re right on track.


friday. five central. there`s a meeting, concerning you know, the usual stuff plus things regarding the calender project. so pleaaaase make it, it`s uber important. you guys should know who to contact if you have any questions.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

can someone say TIRED ?

OMFG ! Those people at that camp tried to kill me ! I was worked everyday . When I was doing all thise stuff I was ok this isn`t hard at all, but on the last day I was soooo SORE ! I`m so happy to be home .

During the trip though so many things happened . We found out who our big sisters / brothers were and afterwards they pranked us that next day with shaving cream . So JV tried to get them back and it was just war . Both squads were at the end of their hall throwing stuff and everything . It was sad . The dorms were messed UP ! It was fun though .

The next day, the cheerleading camp people found out about it, but we didn`t get in trouble . Varsity did though . They had to do 100 [ or more ] pushups and then had to squat for 4 minutes . JV didn`t have to do anything . Varsity also got in trouble because they left the dorms without anyone knowing anything . Ms . Peagues was MAD !

Also during the prank, they were spraying shaving cream on people from different sqauds . it was too funny . The next they day we went back everyone knew about the pranks and fight we had .

Drama also went down too . one of my best friends [ not anymore ] turned on me . She was like " Your cousin is a hater . " I was like " Who ? " I was naming all my cousins then I came up to her best friend Sangria [ Nay Nay ] and she nodded her head . I just blew up on her and she rolled her eyes . So after the shaving cream fight I heard some laughing in the room . I was like " Janequa laughing hard " and she didn`t say anything . So when she got on the bus she said " Janequa I heard you laughing hard " I said me too and she said no you didn`t and my friend Lauren [ Headbusta ; the white chick ] said no Lexi heard it not you and we started fussing she [ Cierra ; the EX best friend ] got quiet .

Then someone snitched about the prank some found out and started fussing at her and she started crying . so we did this bondage thing and said something about the person . some people said something about Cierra and she had to be the one to blow up . Everyone else was being a good sport about it and she got mad and every started fussing at her. Varsit could hear us at their end of the hall so they started rushing over where we were and wouldn`t the door so they went in the other room and came from the bathroom . They had to break us up . We was fussing about how Cierra was changing . Breakfast was quiet for JV . Not even my boo Tyler [ yes he is gay and loving it ] couldn`t cheer me up . I was sad and mad .

Something funny happend today . We went shopping today and Tyler hit me on the butt when we was leaving . My friend Bre asked if he liked that and he was like hell yeah . I was laughing . I think i`m turning him straight =], but I feel bad though because he has a boyfriend =/

All in all, my trip was banging and off the chain . You better believe I had fun . I`mma post the pictures up soon . Even though I went through some rough times =]

duecesz baby, two up =]

questionnnn. I just got my new laptop and I downloaded PSP 9 on it, and when I tried to use it last night it said that it won't start or something like that.Anybody know what the problem is or how to fix it?


Monday, August 4, 2008

I just got Corel Paint Shop Pro XI !

Ladies this program is freaking amazing, anyone who uses PSP should download it now.
At least the trial version to try out at


Sunday, August 3, 2008

woah mo'

My PC is completely musicless. I did a recovery and it erases everything. I could be downloading mega music right now but my internet supporters gave out on us. And, I so don't blame my dad for not paying the bill. Those earthlink asswhole charged us 396.98 for our bill this month. And for what? DSL? Bitch please I won't pay that much for Direct TV. At first we were cool about it because we're really busy well my dad is. He's hardly at home so internet isn't really at the top of his head on bills he should pay. So we talked to the people and they said they'd take the cancel fee of 149 off. Which made us even more settle. Then we paid 100 dollars. And the next day we were going to pay the rest. But when the next day came it was like we didn't pay them anything they charged us 290.52. We were both like WTF? So no more DSL with earthlink. If you guys have any DSL people that you work with let me know because we're been through the entire phonebook all we could find was this dude that said they had dial up that was like DSL WTF is that? Jumping off topic. I want some Lupe Fiasco and some major Neo Soul, like Christina Michelle, India Aire, shit Heather Headley. Anyone who wants updates on the group. We got a new layout. CALENDAR PROJECT. Please get on it now. Like now now. Like this is yestersday and I've just found out about it now. For details or questions. email me. I'm trying to get a meeting set for you all. And, promotion for our blog, and board are coming up.


everybody`s been posting stuff..and i have nothing to say. gosh, i feel soo..boring. :[ oh well..hopefully i`ll have more to talk about once this week gets into motion and whatnot. i`m just ready for school to start, and for my 16th bday to come. hopefully i get the LG rumor that i want or i`m gonna riot :[
boring ass taye :[

clutz - tastic .

and as i font the iPod`s blasting:
hey there delilah
what`s it like in new york city
i`m a thousand miles away
but girl tonight you look so pretty
yes you do ..
times square can`t shine as bright as you
i swear it`s true
hey there delilah, plain white tees

okay . so, i sprained my ankle on my FIRST effin` day back from vacation !
ohemgee .
i could really kill myself ..
i was walking UP the stairs .. yes dudes, i tripped UP the fckn stairs and sprained my ankle .
ugh .
now i`m like .. confined to the darn bed until it heals . ( so until then i won`t know when i`ll be online again )
but knowing me, i almost went crazy at the thought of not being able to go online to pass the time it takes to "heal", and trying to use this new touch screen phone i have didn't make ANYTHING better . the internet is fast and all ( on the phone ) but i kept pressing the wrong keys, which reloaded all the webpages i visited and .. let`s just say typing the same thing 8 times in row gets really annoying .. so i gave up .
hopefully i`ll heal soon .. but, whatever .
i`m watching 'I Love Money' right now .. and i realized that i`m addicted to reality tv, much !

deuces from the clutz of the week, AHNA
ps: pray for my lightning fast recovery, puh - lease !

uberrr lostt!!

mm kay so you guys can call me the BIGGEST idiot of thee 08.I was taking my old laptop from my basement to my room and I went to go get my laundry I placed the laptop on the freezer in my laundry room and then like as i took my clothes out of the room my laptop fell on the ground and just went splat.So since last wedensday I was computer lesss..well kinda..We have a PC here but it's uber old from freakin 05 and when I am on it I feel like I am in a world of molassess.It's THAT bad..and plus i flooded my account with I would say over 400 pictures or chris brown....don't judge =].So if y'all don't mind informing me of anything new and sudden happening around heree that would be niceee.

-effieeeeee <333

i feel a tad bit homo with the rainbow colors..


Friday, August 1, 2008

guess who`s back .. back again !

and as i font the iPod`s blasting:
to you forever,
from me to you
i heard somebody say church
i`ma need a suit
i`ma need a coupe
i won`t need a roof
flyer than beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice
( mr. carter weezy ft. jay-z )

hello all ! =]
i`m just getting back from vacation . it was fun, really fun . don`t you hate the first day you get back from a vacation ? especially when you stayed away at a bomb ass hotel ? .. i mean, one of those hotels where the food is great, the workers are cute, and you can`t remember sleeping but you know whenever you did the beds were soft as ever ? yeah . it`s heaven, i know . i wish i was still away on that island, at the beach .. not here . i mean, i love my city and all but it felt great to get away ! to be with my friends, my boyfriend, my older sis & bros .. to act crazy in a foreign place, try different foods, and shop in stores that make you feel rich because everything is so fckn cheap ! [ sigh ] if you haven`t had the chance to vacation yet, i urge you to go ! GET AWAY ! it`s relaxing, i promise ..
anyways, let me stop reminiscing before i find myself back over in the Bahamas . lOl ..
so, let`s see .. today i took my little sis school shopping . she starts pre-k this year and she`s actually excited ! i can`t remember if i liked school when i was little [ shrugs ] .. it seems like little kids love it, though .
i haven`t been too busy with the graphics - thing .
=[ though, last week i worked on an assignment given to me by my cousin`s wife to make some flyers to help pub this tour she`s organizing . she`s like a talent booker or something . hell, idk the technical name of the job . i just know she`s the person that sets up concerts and decides which celebs will perform, who they`ll perform with, for how long, etc etc ..
here`s two of the five flyers i made:

they`re not too fancy since she gave me a layout to follow for each ..
her boss liked them && i got paid for it so that`s all that mattered . lOl .
i actually like the 'Young, Fly, && Flashy' one . the style was way out of my element but now that i tried it, i`m thinking i`ll use it a lot more .
so, umm ..
i think i`m done boring you guys now .. until i think of something else to ramble about ..

sidenote any of you hear Ludacris` new song, 'Politics' ?? if so, what do you think ? if not, GOOGLE it, dude =]

t w o u p .

-- ahna <3