Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Welcoming All New Members!

Ashley and I came up with a cool new way to inform applicants that they have been accepted. And, that's the blog. What better way to do it? Throughout the week applicants will be recieving emails from this blog asking you to join our team. This means you will be able to log into THIS BLOG and add entries such as this one. Lexi, you some of you might know as Rexxi, has brought to my attention that you must have a google account to join the blog's team. So you might want to go on and get those.

Here's your first challenge. This is ONLY for members who recieve the email. Once you get logged in you must publish a post of your own. In it we would like you all to introduce yourself. Anything you want us to know about you please do tell. In addition I would like you to post your challenge graphic. This would be the graphic we asked you to make when you were trying out.

Show off you.

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