Saturday, September 27, 2008

haven't talked [ been ] here in a while ...

Rexxi is here ! aren't you happy ?

well as yall folks should know,
i do have a kinda busy
life right about now =] . i do try to
get on sometimes, but cheerleading
just takes up most of my time .
i haven't made anything is a while .
i need a challenge or something .
so anyways, congrads to all the newbies .
if yall need any help just IM me on YIM at =] . i'll be glad to help .
to all the older members, what it do ? hit ya
girl up and tell me what's been going on !!!

New Blog Layout

The blog was looking kind of old to me so i changed the layout. I have alot of school work I need to get started on, so pretty soon I'll be moving on to doing that. Considering the fact we aren't really getting any participation in any of the things I am trying to get going for urbnfiends I'm guessing I should just take them at a slower place. So this is the link to our board We are turning our board into a graphic forum. All things graphic related only. Once we get that part going then we'll try our hand at adding fanfic forums if necessary.

Lastly, our main website everyone needs to contact me so they can get log in information to add different things to the board. Now if you do not know the html code or CSS email me and I will sent you a tutorial. If you have no wish to learn then go to whatever page type in what you want on the page. Let me know when you have finished and I willl come in behind you and do the code for you that goes the same for different graphics you want on the page.

I am asking that every member takes the right to do whatever they can for urbnfiends. Whether it's promotion helping with different projects or ideas for the webpage. We really do need all the help we can get.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lock it Down

New Creation inspired by Kanye's song Love Lockdown.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Hi, I`m Kenia. =]

I usually go by Kia, so feel free to call me that as well.

I`m 16 and a Junior in high school.

I live in Virginia.

My birthday is February 19th. (pisces!)

I plan on going to college to major in Cosmetology.

I love seafood, even though I`m severely allergic.

I`m a very optimistic person, I like to look on the bright side of everything.

I love to write, to me, it`s just as important as breathing.

And that`s about it.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stesha drops LoVe Bombs

Chello, I'm Stesha. I don't have a nickname and never have, which is kind of wierd, lol. Hmmmm, lets see, I was born, raised, and still reside in Houston, TX. I'm random at times and my train of thought just takes a trip into space. I'm a sophomore in a catholic college (boring) and I'll be 19 in November.

My graphics are very inspiration- driven. Songs, art pieces, and television inspire my work a lot. I'm a big fan off all forms of art, music, drawings, paintings, books, etc. I draw in my spare time, I'm not the greatest but I'm not the worst. I applied to urbnfiends because I wasn't appart of a group yet, and it seemed like a good choice, sooooooo I joined. Here is my challenge graphic:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

[enters] ReneSsance

Hey everybody- first newbie to post :). I'm Renee- but my friends call me flowers. I'm hailing from Jamaica W.I and i'm a very random, sometimes annoying and sarcastic, but fun too- when you get to know me. I like ALL types of music as long as it sounds good but I'm currently Chris B's baby mother and Kanye's wife so that's that. Smirnoff is my drink, Cooyah covers my back and escada keeps me sweet.

Got interested in graphics after quitting art school lmao. {Big mistake} Now Im doing a degree in comp systems and i work @ a production company [which has been a rollercoaster ride]. trust me.

Applied 2 Urbnfiends cause i liked the pro vybe that i got- and plan to enjoy my stay...

Disregard E-mail

There have been some changes with the myspace, please disregard the e-mail that you have been sent by, dealing with the URBNFIENDS MYSPACE.

Thank You,
Sarah W.


A couple months ago I came up with a cool new way to inform applicants that they have been acccepted. GUESS WHAT? We are at it again. As of today September 4, 2008 I (Meagan) am sending out invites to join our blog to various designers that applied to join our group.

This your first challenge new members. As soon as you accept that invite you must publish a post of your own. In It we would like you all to introduce yourself. Anything you want us to know about you we're sure to listen in and comment. In addition I would like you to post your challenge graphic. This would be the graphic we asked you to make when you were trying out.

And remember, this is now your blog also. So post anything, anytime you like.

Monday, September 1, 2008

thee Latest

Just two designs


So I guess I should introduce myself the name*s Nysha as you can guess by the display name I'm from California born and raised to be exact....umm facts about me I love music all kinds Pop, R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop, Rock, Gospel, and Country it*s all good....Acting as well but that*s more like my passion so yeah ummm obviously I*m into Graphic*s it*s cool =.]....I guess that*s it until the next post Adios.