Wednesday, July 16, 2008

hii . =]

:] well my name is taylor, aka taye, and i`m the newest member of urbnfiends..yayyy. ha. i`m 15 years old--not for long however--and i live in TX..houston to be specific. i`m about to be a high school junior, and i`m the youngest of one child. let`s first, graphic making to me was just something to do because everyone else did it, but now i see it as a passion, and as an escape for me when life gets a little too hectic. i can`t think of much else, so i`m going to leave it at that. =]


Meagan said...

:yells: NUMBER ONE. yay Taye's the first one to post. I must be honest I thought it would be Ari, cause as soon as I hit send I saw her in the member call post. Welcome to the group Taye you seem like a wonderful person. I'm really looking forward to the next couple of weeks. I hope you're ready.

ahna / ari said...

nice to meet you taye =]
can`t wait til` we get to talk !
i think i`ll like this whole .. UF thing . and i <3 your banner btw .