Thursday, February 26, 2009


well well well. iLIZ is a newbie to this blog ; new to the whole blogging scene as think about it. my name is velma-elizabeth [momz jockin` mary-kate] ; no one calls me that tho. most give me the title of elizabeth and/or liz. i perfer liz =]. im 17 and counting. born july7th. junior in highschool ((2010)). im from indiana, next door to chicago. no i dont see corn and farms when im on the highway tehe. i attend a performing arts school...sadly. the producers of stepup are a bunch of liars !! i play the violin ; mind you i am a musiq slut. love every kind, i dont discriminate. my former designer name [i worked at giftedshadows on msn groups] was beautysleep. but i have crossed over to ; 1-800-GetaLIFE.

i feel as though i've bored you enough with my plain jane life. so it's nice to meet everyone...hopefully you'll see more of me

change requires progress, but not all progress is change -- Cecil R. Cross II

Sunday, February 22, 2009

yo baby.yo baby. yo!

hey guys! Been kinda sorta gone for a while I guess you could say. Nothing new has been going on as usual same old same old. I am going through this big graphic block if that is what you would like to call it. I have all these pictures downloaded of artist I want to make graphics of but I don't know what to do with them! So now I'm stuck making colorizations and even at that I am just like blah. My free trial of PSP X2 is about to expire :( ! But I have all these keygens on my computer so we shall see if I can use them, PSP9 gets on nerves cause it isn't compatible with Vista & blah blah blah. Anyhow, I also want to revamp my personal blog or make my own twitter but I need help making my own layout for my blog. So if anyone knows and would like to help that would be great :).

So long, Farewell, I hate to say goodbyee my fellow fiends!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

DISASTER; releasedinheaven .

lately i have been makin a couple of new graphics ; most of then being signatures . Ren has been inspiring me lots lately and i love the way her artwork comes out . i also have an idea, we should make a site on myspace or one of those sites where people can get stuff to make their myspaces look hot so we can look into that maybe .

like i said lately i have been makin signatures and i plan to make more soon because now i have came addicted ... above is one of my recently made ones ... i will keep updatin here . when is the next meetin anyway ?


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Group Challenges

I decided that we would have some challenges within the group to basically test each others limits.
What I want you guys to do is come up with your own challenge that all urbnfiend members must participate in. It can be a blend challenge, a colorization challenge etc. I would rather they not be those exact things. Like I said we're testing each others limit and while we all might be able to colorize we can definitely blend. I mean you wouldn't be in this group if you didn't. So take some time to think and have your challenge topic submitted to by Friday, February 13, 2009. And, I want you're completed challenge by Monday, February 16, 2009.