Friday, August 1, 2008

guess who`s back .. back again !

and as i font the iPod`s blasting:
to you forever,
from me to you
i heard somebody say church
i`ma need a suit
i`ma need a coupe
i won`t need a roof
flyer than beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice
( mr. carter weezy ft. jay-z )

hello all ! =]
i`m just getting back from vacation . it was fun, really fun . don`t you hate the first day you get back from a vacation ? especially when you stayed away at a bomb ass hotel ? .. i mean, one of those hotels where the food is great, the workers are cute, and you can`t remember sleeping but you know whenever you did the beds were soft as ever ? yeah . it`s heaven, i know . i wish i was still away on that island, at the beach .. not here . i mean, i love my city and all but it felt great to get away ! to be with my friends, my boyfriend, my older sis & bros .. to act crazy in a foreign place, try different foods, and shop in stores that make you feel rich because everything is so fckn cheap ! [ sigh ] if you haven`t had the chance to vacation yet, i urge you to go ! GET AWAY ! it`s relaxing, i promise ..
anyways, let me stop reminiscing before i find myself back over in the Bahamas . lOl ..
so, let`s see .. today i took my little sis school shopping . she starts pre-k this year and she`s actually excited ! i can`t remember if i liked school when i was little [ shrugs ] .. it seems like little kids love it, though .
i haven`t been too busy with the graphics - thing .
=[ though, last week i worked on an assignment given to me by my cousin`s wife to make some flyers to help pub this tour she`s organizing . she`s like a talent booker or something . hell, idk the technical name of the job . i just know she`s the person that sets up concerts and decides which celebs will perform, who they`ll perform with, for how long, etc etc ..
here`s two of the five flyers i made:

they`re not too fancy since she gave me a layout to follow for each ..
her boss liked them && i got paid for it so that`s all that mattered . lOl .
i actually like the 'Young, Fly, && Flashy' one . the style was way out of my element but now that i tried it, i`m thinking i`ll use it a lot more .
so, umm ..
i think i`m done boring you guys now .. until i think of something else to ramble about ..

sidenote any of you hear Ludacris` new song, 'Politics' ?? if so, what do you think ? if not, GOOGLE it, dude =]

t w o u p .

-- ahna <3

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