Friday, July 4, 2008

first blog ever.

Hello everyone,
My name is Meagan Daniels. I’m the newVP of urbnfiends as of July 1st, 2008. I have just created this blog. I decided to make it our official blog together. Members can log in anytime, and post anything they want. Just make sure to note who you are. Whether it be an update on your graphics. A tutorial you took the time to make out. Brushes you’ve made. Or what you ate for dinner. Bitch about your teachers and how much work they assign. So on, and so on.
The things we’re working on right now is coming back together as a graphic group, and Ashley is enforcing that. We need a graphic for a forum. A layout for the blog. For some reason I’d really love it if Ashley made the layout. : ) We need a myspace. I’m creating us a graphic community spot. I’m not entirely sure how we’ll work on that. But everyone will have their own thing they are assigned too.
Incase any of you are wondering our current members are myself (Meagan), Ashley, Rena, Alexis. (pours some liquor out for all the missing homies)
I can honestly say that I am more than grateful to be moving on with you all. Everyone who has decided to move on with us are all the people we really ever needed. And, they all acquire the qualities in people urbnfiends need. I wub you all, and I’m looking forward to our future as both group members and friends. I also have a top secret group of talents that I’m hoping will join us in this up and coming members call. So if you guys are for some reason reading this. I wub you guys too.
Meg signing out.

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Mizz Lena said...

Hopefully i'm one of the people who get picked to join urnfiends,'cuz so far i'm lovin what it's about.

My name is Lena for those who aren't Meagan,and are reading this, my photobucket is mizzlena2sexy, and the password is mizzlena for all guest, so feel free to check out my graphics.

Hope to talk to everyone soon.