Monday, July 21, 2008

urbnfiends. between member call

Urbnfiends. Graphic Design Group
Under new management : )

Urbnfiends is not a training camp. We ask that you do not join us with the intentions of leaving once you achieve a certain level of skillfulness. Come to us with intentions of getting better as a designer and evolving our status as a group.

My name is Meagan Daniels. And, I’m the new VP of urbnfiends. We are having a new member call. Answer all of the following questions. The last five questions are just to figure out what kind of designer you are.

Yahoo Instant Messenger-
Email Address-
How long have you been making graphics-
How often are you online-
Are you willing to attend meetings, participate in group challenges and projects-
Links to 3 of your most current designs-
Links to 3 of your favorite designs by you-
Who is your favorite graphic designer-
What is your design style-
What makes your graphic design style different from your favorite graphic design and yours-

When I ask for your graphic style, mine is emotion. Most of my graphics stem from my story telling side.

The last thing you need to complete is a graphic. You can do whatever you want to the graphic. As long as you use atleast 3 photos. And the photos you use must be from here Also, tag the banner urbnfiends (yourname).

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80sbaby. said...

I'm a new member how I will be doing my introduction post !!!