Friday, July 4, 2008

Brush Tutorial.

Hey, Meagan again.

Brush Tutorials. PSP-9.

Open a new image, background white. I have my size permanently set to 1200/1200, and then I crop down. The lowest you should set is 200/200. When It all comes down to it they are going to ask you to size it down like to icon size. But try your best not to make it too small.
Go to your brushes.
Pick the circle brush.
Size:167 Opacity: 100 Color: Black
Mark your brush in the center of the image.
Go To Fonts
You can use any one of the fronts you want. But for those who just need to follow the guidelines use Tunga. Note that the font sizes do go pass 72. You just have to type the size number in.
The text should read UF initials for urbnfiends.
Now go to your documents make a new file titled made.
Go back to Jasc and click file.
Go down to export.
Click Custom Brush………
Check save varience.
Step: 32.
Author you.
Copyrights: urbnfiends.
Go to Edit Paths.
Click add
go to documents
Select the file you just made.
Click O.k.
Save to: C:/Users/yourcomputersname/Documents/made
Click O.k. Now the brush you made should be in the file.
Now go to file again.
Go down to export.
Click Custom Brush
Check Save varience.
Step 32.
Author you.
Copyrights: urbnfiends.
Save to: C:/Program files/Jasc Software Inc/Paint Shop 9/Brushes.
Click O.k.
Go to your brushes and check for the brush you just made.

The point of this tutorial was not so you all could have a urbnfiends tag brush.

The point is many businesses like to use logos for their businesses so that when you see it you automatically know who it is without seeing the name.
Like Nike has the checkmark
The cutout of a guy dunking is Jordan’s shoes.
The horse is Ralph Laruen.
Coca Cola is the bottle.

There’s more to graphic designing than blending and colorizing.
Realize that.

(This is not our permanent logo. It’s just something I was working on. If you have any ideas on what our logo should be, let me know.)

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