Thursday, July 17, 2008


Sooo I got thee e-mail and at first I was like "uhh what do I do?" so I guess I post!
[jay-z]Allow me to re-introduce myself[/Jay-z] The goverment name is Efua (ff-wa) but people always have thee hardest time with pronouncing it so you can call me effie. But if you would like to call me efua, do as you please! I am fourteen and ten months loll September seventeenth is thee date of biz-irth. I reside in Maryland (hate it). I'm not very...uhmmm normal lolll I like to make up words and say very odd things.I like to be around people a lot but I adore my own personal time. Brown.chipotle.PSP 9. My top five lovessss <>
to me!In thee beginning I only wanted to do it so I could do those uhm colorizations where everything is black and white and one thing is in color lmao.The more I got into it the more I began to love it.The role Ellen Page played in Juno is a reflection of my life without all the pregnancy.Inspirations consist of;Kelis.Lauryn Hill.Kanye West.Lupe Fiasco.Alexis Phiefer.Pharell.Marilyn Monroe.Bob Marley.Andy Warhol.
And I guess thats it!


ahna . said...

nice to meet you effie !!
&& i`m so glad you have a nickname because i`m slow .. i can`t figure out how to pronounce your name either .
i THINK i have it, but eh .. effie`s just easier .
entyways, welcome =] i`m ariana ( ahna, ari if you want to call me something else )
i`ve visited maryland a few times before . ( cough ) it WAS boring .
okay . i think i`ll stop here before i go on and on forever . =]
btw -- i love JUNO ! that`s my `ish .

effieee! said...

nice to meet you to ari!haha most people can't so they just happen to love effie loll. YES IT IS!!! lmao we are stuck in between to big places Virginia and DC and we come out...horrible. sad sad sad story loll.Juno was sicknasty yo! loll

Meg said...

Hey Effie. I'm Meagan welcome to urbnfiends. glad to have you here.

effieee! said...

hey meagan!
i'm glad to be heree! thanks for thee opportunity!