Thursday, July 31, 2008

i`m a SUPERWOMAN; yes i am

Being that I`m starting high school this year [ freshman baby ], I will be extra busy . I also have cheerleading too . I cheer for JV at Marlboro County High . Camp is coming up August 3 - August 5 and I will be gone .

On the other hand, school starts back August 18 and I will always have to cheer Thursdays and maybe I won`t be at home on Fridays .

All this week, my squad and Varisty have been teaching a Little Bulldog camp and let me tell you, I have been through hell and back . When it first started on Monday, I was cool and I had fun . Then as time started ticking and the days passed by, I started getting tired . I had to help teach this combination cheer that consists of 4 different cheers . Those kids were a wreck . I worked with the 3 - 6 year olds and the 10 - 14 . Between the two, I don`t know which is worst . All the babies wanted to do was play Duck, Duck, Goose and run around . This one little girl named HeHe [ we called her that because she laughs like hehe; I don`t know her real name ] was getting on my last nerve . She was just BAD ! The older kids thought they were grown ! These little girls thought they knew EVERYTHING . I wanted to strangle these two little girls . Today was the worse though because everybody wanted to fight . Two girls wanted to jump my homie Kayla for no reason . I was like let's do this then . Then these two other girls were about to go at it . One was skinny and the other was a tomboy . Now if that skinny girl would have went in that tomboy face and said hit me, she would have went flying down those bleachers .

Basically, I feel like a superwoman doing all these things . I feel like I can do almost anything, but you don`t want me to get started on relationships, that`s a whole nother boat ride ...

superman tendencies

I’m in love with a man with superman tendencies.
He gives me kisses that sweep me off my feet.
Keeps me warm on winter cold nights.
He tears through concrete walls, flies over buildings, and puts down any bad guys who try and break my heart.
I’m in love with a man who has superman tendencies.
And uses them with perfect caution.

i wub my big donner.


I am a major realist. I focus on what’s there for us. I mean I see what we could be, and I work for it. But, I’m so business minded like you wouldn’t understand I’m always thinking, thinking, thinking, and school is about to start. And, I’ve been through college applications. I am also in desperate need of a job. And, if I get that job. I’m seriously thinking on how I’m going to operate with urbnfiends, a job, school, and this being my final high school year, college applications. A whole lot entails a college application like I don’t know how many of you are already graduated or whatever. But, I’m not decided on a school yet so I’m looking at a lot. The Art Institute of Nashville, and The Art Institute of Chicago. They both focus on graphic design. Which I love but I also love computer so I’m thinking would it be in my best interest to focus on one career instead of my realistic idea. And, that’s go to school and have Computer Science and Operations as my major and Graphic Design as my minor. And, for that it’s either UT, Memphis State, Missouri State, and Bryn Mawr.

I don’t want to jump off of subject or throw you guys off in any way. The magazine was our initial idea. Well that was my initial idea to get us off our feet. But, I’m going to trade projects and this one will both benefit us in getting known, and also us as a group because from Niecy it seems the big problem or issue some people will use is that we don‘t do anything, and I know for a fact we do things and if you stay in contact with us you know we do things its just the people who don‘t keep contact that don‘t know we do things. Now realize this. Niecy and I manage an entire group of 12 people. We ourselves mange ourselves too because we make graphics, and we’re also members as well as president and vice. Out of the 12 maybe 4 or 5 keep contact like on regular basics I know where they are what’s on their mind about the group and everything. And, I try to make contact every now and then with those who are not in contact with us. And, I do that because it’s summer, I have the time. But once school starts I won’t. So this is a notice for you to find a way to keep contact with me. If I have to give my cell number out I will. And, on that note. We make graphics all the time. And, we use pictures to make our graphics. Photographers take the pictures. So our first project will be to show photographers how much we appreciate them.

And, in doing this we will be making a calendar. Making a graphic, using pictures from a particular photographer. You can use whatever photographer you want. BUT, you have to send me the link to the photographers’ website you’re getting your pictures from. So I can contact that photographer and let he/she know you are using their photos. JUST A NOTE YOU CAN GET THESE PICTURES FROM A PARTICUALAR STAR FANSITES MOST SITE OWNERS NAME THE PHOTOGRAPHER ON THE FILE. I can google he/she. Hopefully something will come from this. You know what I mean like connections or something, hopefully. But, if anyone is wondering they can’t sue if we’re not making a profit so. lmao I really though this out. Lol But, its mostly because some photographers lock left click. So I’m hoping if I contact them let them know what we’re doing that they will send me the pictures you want, and I can send them to you. Got to get the business letter typed. Ugh. I’ll do that.

Also to the project special dates like you’re birthdates, graduation, SAT, ACT dates. I know I’m adding mines to calendar I’m taking both tests as many times as I can. Also school test dates I don’t know how many of you are in honors or AP but whatever state you’re in we read mostly the same books so if you need help with books another one of us most likely already read it. So, mark everything down.

Everyone will be assigned a month. There’s 12 of us so no one should be assigned an extra month. That is unless someone decides not to do it. I’m noticing that I’m typing a lot and that might be because I didn’t attend the meeting. Well no one did. Unless you guys had the meeting without me. And, for the benefit of those without YIM I might make the next meeting on the board. Or I’ll just highlight transcripts and post them there. I’m sure everyone has questions so. It might be a surprise meeting. I might just start a meeting when Taylor pops up online. That’s what I might do. So, yeah. Thanks all for reading my entire letter those of you who did. And this is me reaching out I’m emailing this letter. I’m blogging this letter, and I’m PMING this letter. So don’t be surpised if you get an email, and a pm. You guys might want to suscribe to posts on this blog by me. That might help you awhole freaking lot.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's Sarah Baby !

To conquer, every obstacle,make impossible POSSIBLE
Losings far from optional

My name is Sarah.
I am currently a freshmen at Clayton State University.
Jonesboro, Ga is where I reside.

I am in love with the 80s, music, clothes, and all !
I am a Capricorn, I was born on Christmas Eve.

Coolio. Funny. Amazing. Positive. Optimist. Stubborn. Randomization.

I am an English major, and thinking of changing it to Middle Level Education.
Pssstttt ... I want to be a 7th grade Language Arts teacher.

I am a music junkie.
hip hop. acoustic. country. r&b. and rap
Chris Brown. Lil Wayne. Gwen Stefani. John Mayer

I love MYSPACE, Facebook sucks !
Want to be friends on, my URL is

Check out my graphic blog at ...

Want to chat with me ...
AIM: pinkbabygurl0235
YIM: sweetpinklemonade0

Sunday, July 27, 2008


i have been away for a i missed everything that happened.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

meeting attendance..

I, Meagan Daniels missed the meeting yesterday. Our phone is out which cause the internet to go down and thus causing me to miss the meeting. Well, I was going to go over alot with you. And, looks like it'll be on the weekend because my phone won't come back up until then so look forward to discussing two of the following things plus way. way more. Urbnfiends Calendar. Which will consist of showing up some photographers. We can't make a good graphic without their photos so let's show them some credit. Also we are donating graphics to the following sites. Emma Robert's or the other way around with . com I wouldn't know I'm at work so I can't check also keisha chante's website owned by Miante who o n the bbs reloaded board is beengone. So................... just send them to my email blends must consist of the people we're donating too if you didn't know. Next weekk many of you wil be gone so you can say we're breaking. I'm still going to be working so if you want to help email me post a blog or im Peace.

Monday, July 21, 2008

urbnfiends. between member call

Urbnfiends. Graphic Design Group
Under new management : )

Urbnfiends is not a training camp. We ask that you do not join us with the intentions of leaving once you achieve a certain level of skillfulness. Come to us with intentions of getting better as a designer and evolving our status as a group.

My name is Meagan Daniels. And, I’m the new VP of urbnfiends. We are having a new member call. Answer all of the following questions. The last five questions are just to figure out what kind of designer you are.

Yahoo Instant Messenger-
Email Address-
How long have you been making graphics-
How often are you online-
Are you willing to attend meetings, participate in group challenges and projects-
Links to 3 of your most current designs-
Links to 3 of your favorite designs by you-
Who is your favorite graphic designer-
What is your design style-
What makes your graphic design style different from your favorite graphic design and yours-

When I ask for your graphic style, mine is emotion. Most of my graphics stem from my story telling side.

The last thing you need to complete is a graphic. You can do whatever you want to the graphic. As long as you use atleast 3 photos. And the photos you use must be from here Also, tag the banner urbnfiends (yourname).

Sunday, July 20, 2008

r u senior year ready?

I stand alone in a room full of people I've known for years.


Hi! As the president of urbnFIENDS I'd like to welcome all of the new members into the group. I hope that through this experience all of you guys, as well as myself, will gain alot.

The only way for us to make this work is through the participation of you guys so I urge you to PLEASE keep in contact with myself as well as the vice president. Also, make sure to exchange contact information with the other members as well if you haven't already. We have alot coming up within the next couple of months so be prepared for hard work! Dedication, participation, and communication is the key to success.

If you wish to contact me with any questions feel free to by emailing the group account at or through instant messaging at or Also, please make sure to join the messageboard if you haven't done so as information about what goes on will be posted there as well as sent to you guys so that anybody who doesn't receive information about whatever it is that we are doing at the time can check it out there as well.


Cover Girl

Cover-Girl is looking for a new spokes-model and wants you to create the new campaign ad that will be featured in magazines all over the world. The photo must be that of a beautiful girl with cover-girl potential. You must colorize the picture. The words Cover-Girl must be present. Please try and make the photo the size of a real magazine page. The winner of this challenge will help me run the next group project which will take place next week.Please send all finished works to Label it Second Challenege. This Challenge is due July 24, 2008 Please don’t forget the meeting this Tuesday at 5:00 central time zone. You might notice some changes on the blog. It’s not much urbnfiends management is asking anyone with blog skills to contact us.

Friday, July 18, 2008


My name is Iesha aka Esha.
I`m 20 years old, I live in Charleston, South Carolina
I`m not in school at the moment but i am thinking about getting a job soon.
At home i`m usually bored so i`d be on the comp., watching TV, or outside chillin
I have 2 older sisters
I live with my parents (it gets boring being the person here)
i`m shy/quiet whatever you wanna call it
i`m pretty friendly if you get to know me


hey everyone ! its natasha. i live in pennsylvania but im from new york.
some nicknames are tasha, tash, snoop. anything really. lol. myspace=
born 4/26. gonna be a sophomore in high school in august.
i have been doin graphics since around 2004 & 2005.
im mad nice. and mad honest.
i love to meet new people.
i love to sing, dance, act, and write, design and perform.
so hit me up loves. <333

It's me Snitches


Thee name's LENA. Feel free to call me whatever nickname you can come up with. My friends call me Smilez though. I was dropped in glitter on AUGUST 24, 1989, and I'm STILL SHINING going on 19 years later. I am a lovely VIRGO. I have been designing graphics on and off for about THREE years so i'm pretty advanced. I still have ALOT to learn though. I'm a high school graduate who is currently in college studying to be an RN. I'm an resident of thee boring CLEVELAND,OHIO. I'm pretty much thee nicest person you'll ever meet. I Love everybody. I do have a badside though lol. Other then that i'm an okay person.

[LL Cool J] When I die, bury me on my front and let the world kiss my ass. [/LL Cool J]

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Sooo I got thee e-mail and at first I was like "uhh what do I do?" so I guess I post!
[jay-z]Allow me to re-introduce myself[/Jay-z] The goverment name is Efua (ff-wa) but people always have thee hardest time with pronouncing it so you can call me effie. But if you would like to call me efua, do as you please! I am fourteen and ten months loll September seventeenth is thee date of biz-irth. I reside in Maryland (hate it). I'm not very...uhmmm normal lolll I like to make up words and say very odd things.I like to be around people a lot but I adore my own personal time. Brown.chipotle.PSP 9. My top five lovessss <>
to me!In thee beginning I only wanted to do it so I could do those uhm colorizations where everything is black and white and one thing is in color lmao.The more I got into it the more I began to love it.The role Ellen Page played in Juno is a reflection of my life without all the pregnancy.Inspirations consist of;Kelis.Lauryn Hill.Kanye West.Lupe Fiasco.Alexis Phiefer.Pharell.Marilyn Monroe.Bob Marley.Andy Warhol.
And I guess thats it!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

extra, extra . read all about HER !

.. and as i font the iPod`s Blasting:

even when i`m a mess
i still put on a vest
with an 's' on my chest
oh yes ..
i`m a Superwoman

thee name`s PRIANA but feel free to call me the chopped versions/nicknames -- ARI/PRI, AHNA, or one of those cute little nicknames e - friends tend to make up for one another . i`ve been breathing since MARCH 14TH .. 90's baby ! it also makes me an awesome, fabulous, super, amazing, sexy, prettyful, dramatic PISCES ! as a general precaution, i must forewarn you against the following possible problems:
i am a sometimes a hyper maniac; some say this makes me fun . if you`re the boring, librarian -type:
ESCAPE WHILE YOU STILL CAN ! i am opinionated, straight - forward, && sometimes kinda, sorta .. maybe just a little "out there" . OH NOS .
i am a writer, a dancer, an artist, a friend, a sister . it`s just what I do .
i loathe whiners . don`t be a moron, just get over it .
oooh yeah .

i am preeahnurr, and i will rock your socks, yes . =]

.. and you better not forget it !
deuces .

hii . =]

:] well my name is taylor, aka taye, and i`m the newest member of urbnfiends..yayyy. ha. i`m 15 years old--not for long however--and i live in TX..houston to be specific. i`m about to be a high school junior, and i`m the youngest of one child. let`s first, graphic making to me was just something to do because everyone else did it, but now i see it as a passion, and as an escape for me when life gets a little too hectic. i can`t think of much else, so i`m going to leave it at that. =]

Welcoming All New Members!

Ashley and I came up with a cool new way to inform applicants that they have been accepted. And, that's the blog. What better way to do it? Throughout the week applicants will be recieving emails from this blog asking you to join our team. This means you will be able to log into THIS BLOG and add entries such as this one. Lexi, you some of you might know as Rexxi, has brought to my attention that you must have a google account to join the blog's team. So you might want to go on and get those.

Here's your first challenge. This is ONLY for members who recieve the email. Once you get logged in you must publish a post of your own. In it we would like you all to introduce yourself. Anything you want us to know about you please do tell. In addition I would like you to post your challenge graphic. This would be the graphic we asked you to make when you were trying out.

Show off you.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Wow. That's not a good wow. I'm really suprised at how our member call is coming. So
with seductive dreams. We're going to get pms out asking why those who impressed interest
havent' applied yet. Then all those who didn't turn in the challengne we'll contact them find out why.
The first thing actually is making post at whatever board you go on. For links to other boards
and we'll have to start member calls there. Second we have some people on BBS a good amount of applicants actually. But, they are not all good. So I want to know if you all would like to get together a team, advise some and send some tutorials. Maybe tell them to do nothing but blend. Or do nothing but add textures. Do nothing but try effects. Whatever their weak points let's start them somewhere.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Brush Tutorial.

Hey, Meagan again.

Brush Tutorials. PSP-9.

Open a new image, background white. I have my size permanently set to 1200/1200, and then I crop down. The lowest you should set is 200/200. When It all comes down to it they are going to ask you to size it down like to icon size. But try your best not to make it too small.
Go to your brushes.
Pick the circle brush.
Size:167 Opacity: 100 Color: Black
Mark your brush in the center of the image.
Go To Fonts
You can use any one of the fronts you want. But for those who just need to follow the guidelines use Tunga. Note that the font sizes do go pass 72. You just have to type the size number in.
The text should read UF initials for urbnfiends.
Now go to your documents make a new file titled made.
Go back to Jasc and click file.
Go down to export.
Click Custom Brush………
Check save varience.
Step: 32.
Author you.
Copyrights: urbnfiends.
Go to Edit Paths.
Click add
go to documents
Select the file you just made.
Click O.k.
Save to: C:/Users/yourcomputersname/Documents/made
Click O.k. Now the brush you made should be in the file.
Now go to file again.
Go down to export.
Click Custom Brush
Check Save varience.
Step 32.
Author you.
Copyrights: urbnfiends.
Save to: C:/Program files/Jasc Software Inc/Paint Shop 9/Brushes.
Click O.k.
Go to your brushes and check for the brush you just made.

The point of this tutorial was not so you all could have a urbnfiends tag brush.

The point is many businesses like to use logos for their businesses so that when you see it you automatically know who it is without seeing the name.
Like Nike has the checkmark
The cutout of a guy dunking is Jordan’s shoes.
The horse is Ralph Laruen.
Coca Cola is the bottle.

There’s more to graphic designing than blending and colorizing.
Realize that.

(This is not our permanent logo. It’s just something I was working on. If you have any ideas on what our logo should be, let me know.)

first blog ever.

Hello everyone,
My name is Meagan Daniels. I’m the newVP of urbnfiends as of July 1st, 2008. I have just created this blog. I decided to make it our official blog together. Members can log in anytime, and post anything they want. Just make sure to note who you are. Whether it be an update on your graphics. A tutorial you took the time to make out. Brushes you’ve made. Or what you ate for dinner. Bitch about your teachers and how much work they assign. So on, and so on.
The things we’re working on right now is coming back together as a graphic group, and Ashley is enforcing that. We need a graphic for a forum. A layout for the blog. For some reason I’d really love it if Ashley made the layout. : ) We need a myspace. I’m creating us a graphic community spot. I’m not entirely sure how we’ll work on that. But everyone will have their own thing they are assigned too.
Incase any of you are wondering our current members are myself (Meagan), Ashley, Rena, Alexis. (pours some liquor out for all the missing homies)
I can honestly say that I am more than grateful to be moving on with you all. Everyone who has decided to move on with us are all the people we really ever needed. And, they all acquire the qualities in people urbnfiends need. I wub you all, and I’m looking forward to our future as both group members and friends. I also have a top secret group of talents that I’m hoping will join us in this up and coming members call. So if you guys are for some reason reading this. I wub you guys too.
Meg signing out.