Thursday, July 31, 2008


I am a major realist. I focus on what’s there for us. I mean I see what we could be, and I work for it. But, I’m so business minded like you wouldn’t understand I’m always thinking, thinking, thinking, and school is about to start. And, I’ve been through college applications. I am also in desperate need of a job. And, if I get that job. I’m seriously thinking on how I’m going to operate with urbnfiends, a job, school, and this being my final high school year, college applications. A whole lot entails a college application like I don’t know how many of you are already graduated or whatever. But, I’m not decided on a school yet so I’m looking at a lot. The Art Institute of Nashville, and The Art Institute of Chicago. They both focus on graphic design. Which I love but I also love computer so I’m thinking would it be in my best interest to focus on one career instead of my realistic idea. And, that’s go to school and have Computer Science and Operations as my major and Graphic Design as my minor. And, for that it’s either UT, Memphis State, Missouri State, and Bryn Mawr.

I don’t want to jump off of subject or throw you guys off in any way. The magazine was our initial idea. Well that was my initial idea to get us off our feet. But, I’m going to trade projects and this one will both benefit us in getting known, and also us as a group because from Niecy it seems the big problem or issue some people will use is that we don‘t do anything, and I know for a fact we do things and if you stay in contact with us you know we do things its just the people who don‘t keep contact that don‘t know we do things. Now realize this. Niecy and I manage an entire group of 12 people. We ourselves mange ourselves too because we make graphics, and we’re also members as well as president and vice. Out of the 12 maybe 4 or 5 keep contact like on regular basics I know where they are what’s on their mind about the group and everything. And, I try to make contact every now and then with those who are not in contact with us. And, I do that because it’s summer, I have the time. But once school starts I won’t. So this is a notice for you to find a way to keep contact with me. If I have to give my cell number out I will. And, on that note. We make graphics all the time. And, we use pictures to make our graphics. Photographers take the pictures. So our first project will be to show photographers how much we appreciate them.

And, in doing this we will be making a calendar. Making a graphic, using pictures from a particular photographer. You can use whatever photographer you want. BUT, you have to send me the link to the photographers’ website you’re getting your pictures from. So I can contact that photographer and let he/she know you are using their photos. JUST A NOTE YOU CAN GET THESE PICTURES FROM A PARTICUALAR STAR FANSITES MOST SITE OWNERS NAME THE PHOTOGRAPHER ON THE FILE. I can google he/she. Hopefully something will come from this. You know what I mean like connections or something, hopefully. But, if anyone is wondering they can’t sue if we’re not making a profit so. lmao I really though this out. Lol But, its mostly because some photographers lock left click. So I’m hoping if I contact them let them know what we’re doing that they will send me the pictures you want, and I can send them to you. Got to get the business letter typed. Ugh. I’ll do that.

Also to the project special dates like you’re birthdates, graduation, SAT, ACT dates. I know I’m adding mines to calendar I’m taking both tests as many times as I can. Also school test dates I don’t know how many of you are in honors or AP but whatever state you’re in we read mostly the same books so if you need help with books another one of us most likely already read it. So, mark everything down.

Everyone will be assigned a month. There’s 12 of us so no one should be assigned an extra month. That is unless someone decides not to do it. I’m noticing that I’m typing a lot and that might be because I didn’t attend the meeting. Well no one did. Unless you guys had the meeting without me. And, for the benefit of those without YIM I might make the next meeting on the board. Or I’ll just highlight transcripts and post them there. I’m sure everyone has questions so. It might be a surprise meeting. I might just start a meeting when Taylor pops up online. That’s what I might do. So, yeah. Thanks all for reading my entire letter those of you who did. And this is me reaching out I’m emailing this letter. I’m blogging this letter, and I’m PMING this letter. So don’t be surpised if you get an email, and a pm. You guys might want to suscribe to posts on this blog by me. That might help you awhole freaking lot.

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