Wednesday, July 23, 2008

meeting attendance..

I, Meagan Daniels missed the meeting yesterday. Our phone is out which cause the internet to go down and thus causing me to miss the meeting. Well, I was going to go over alot with you. And, looks like it'll be on the weekend because my phone won't come back up until then so look forward to discussing two of the following things plus way. way more. Urbnfiends Calendar. Which will consist of showing up some photographers. We can't make a good graphic without their photos so let's show them some credit. Also we are donating graphics to the following sites. Emma Robert's or the other way around with . com I wouldn't know I'm at work so I can't check also keisha chante's website owned by Miante who o n the bbs reloaded board is beengone. So................... just send them to my email blends must consist of the people we're donating too if you didn't know. Next weekk many of you wil be gone so you can say we're breaking. I'm still going to be working so if you want to help email me post a blog or im Peace.

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Mizz Lena said...

i want to help. i can pitch in after work