Wednesday, July 16, 2008

extra, extra . read all about HER !

.. and as i font the iPod`s Blasting:

even when i`m a mess
i still put on a vest
with an 's' on my chest
oh yes ..
i`m a Superwoman

thee name`s PRIANA but feel free to call me the chopped versions/nicknames -- ARI/PRI, AHNA, or one of those cute little nicknames e - friends tend to make up for one another . i`ve been breathing since MARCH 14TH .. 90's baby ! it also makes me an awesome, fabulous, super, amazing, sexy, prettyful, dramatic PISCES ! as a general precaution, i must forewarn you against the following possible problems:
i am a sometimes a hyper maniac; some say this makes me fun . if you`re the boring, librarian -type:
ESCAPE WHILE YOU STILL CAN ! i am opinionated, straight - forward, && sometimes kinda, sorta .. maybe just a little "out there" . OH NOS .
i am a writer, a dancer, an artist, a friend, a sister . it`s just what I do .
i loathe whiners . don`t be a moron, just get over it .
oooh yeah .

i am preeahnurr, and i will rock your socks, yes . =]

.. and you better not forget it !
deuces .

1 comment:

meagan said...

Hey, you forgot creative. I'm glad I thought of this. You're the perfect example. You really captured a good deal of you in that. I won't be the only person to read that and be amazed we got her down with us. Welcome to urbnfiends Ari.