Friday, July 18, 2008

It's me Snitches


Thee name's LENA. Feel free to call me whatever nickname you can come up with. My friends call me Smilez though. I was dropped in glitter on AUGUST 24, 1989, and I'm STILL SHINING going on 19 years later. I am a lovely VIRGO. I have been designing graphics on and off for about THREE years so i'm pretty advanced. I still have ALOT to learn though. I'm a high school graduate who is currently in college studying to be an RN. I'm an resident of thee boring CLEVELAND,OHIO. I'm pretty much thee nicest person you'll ever meet. I Love everybody. I do have a badside though lol. Other then that i'm an okay person.

[LL Cool J] When I die, bury me on my front and let the world kiss my ass. [/LL Cool J]

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