Tuesday, August 5, 2008

can someone say TIRED ?

OMFG ! Those people at that camp tried to kill me ! I was worked everyday . When I was doing all thise stuff I was ok this isn`t hard at all, but on the last day I was soooo SORE ! I`m so happy to be home .

During the trip though so many things happened . We found out who our big sisters / brothers were and afterwards they pranked us that next day with shaving cream . So JV tried to get them back and it was just war . Both squads were at the end of their hall throwing stuff and everything . It was sad . The dorms were messed UP ! It was fun though .

The next day, the cheerleading camp people found out about it, but we didn`t get in trouble . Varsity did though . They had to do 100 [ or more ] pushups and then had to squat for 4 minutes . JV didn`t have to do anything . Varsity also got in trouble because they left the dorms without anyone knowing anything . Ms . Peagues was MAD !

Also during the prank, they were spraying shaving cream on people from different sqauds . it was too funny . The next they day we went back everyone knew about the pranks and fight we had .

Drama also went down too . one of my best friends [ not anymore ] turned on me . She was like " Your cousin is a hater . " I was like " Who ? " I was naming all my cousins then I came up to her best friend Sangria [ Nay Nay ] and she nodded her head . I just blew up on her and she rolled her eyes . So after the shaving cream fight I heard some laughing in the room . I was like " Janequa laughing hard " and she didn`t say anything . So when she got on the bus she said " Janequa I heard you laughing hard " I said me too and she said no you didn`t and my friend Lauren [ Headbusta ; the white chick ] said no Lexi heard it not you and we started fussing she [ Cierra ; the EX best friend ] got quiet .

Then someone snitched about the prank some found out and started fussing at her and she started crying . so we did this bondage thing and said something about the person . some people said something about Cierra and she had to be the one to blow up . Everyone else was being a good sport about it and she got mad and every started fussing at her. Varsit could hear us at their end of the hall so they started rushing over where we were and wouldn`t the door so they went in the other room and came from the bathroom . They had to break us up . We was fussing about how Cierra was changing . Breakfast was quiet for JV . Not even my boo Tyler [ yes he is gay and loving it ] couldn`t cheer me up . I was sad and mad .

Something funny happend today . We went shopping today and Tyler hit me on the butt when we was leaving . My friend Bre asked if he liked that and he was like hell yeah . I was laughing . I think i`m turning him straight =], but I feel bad though because he has a boyfriend =/

All in all, my trip was banging and off the chain . You better believe I had fun . I`mma post the pictures up soon . Even though I went through some rough times =]

duecesz baby, two up =]


ahna said...

i went to cheer camp when i was in middle school ..
i was capt. in 8th grade and MAN was it fun !
it sounds like you enjoyed yourself .. and it IS true that you see A LOT of people`s true colors when you go away .
something similiar to your situation happened when i went away, too ..
maybe you and your bf will be able to reconcile but if not, don`t sweat it . you`re still young .. consider it a learning experience and move on ..
and if you are turning a gay boy straight .. all i can give you is two snaps and a high five .. YOU GO GIRL ! lOl

meg said...

dang making me want to be a cheerleader