Sunday, August 3, 2008

uberrr lostt!!

mm kay so you guys can call me the BIGGEST idiot of thee 08.I was taking my old laptop from my basement to my room and I went to go get my laundry I placed the laptop on the freezer in my laundry room and then like as i took my clothes out of the room my laptop fell on the ground and just went splat.So since last wedensday I was computer lesss..well kinda..We have a PC here but it's uber old from freakin 05 and when I am on it I feel like I am in a world of molassess.It's THAT bad..and plus i flooded my account with I would say over 400 pictures or chris brown....don't judge =].So if y'all don't mind informing me of anything new and sudden happening around heree that would be niceee.

-effieeeeee <333

i feel a tad bit homo with the rainbow colors..


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