Sunday, August 10, 2008

new creation =]

[janetjackson] i need some feedback, ooohhh [/janetjackson] lmao . ok folks i made a new creation and i need some feedback . i haven`t made anything in a while so i decided to make something of Avril Lavigne . tell me what you guys think .

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ari said...

overall i love the banner =] i really do ..
[ i love avril too btw ]
but on to the critique ..
i don`t feel the pixelation added anything to the banner . actually, i think it`d look a lot better without it .
the pics themselves are pretty fierce and the pixelation effect kind of takes away from it . if you really wanted to add something, i think a grungy type of texture would`ve looked a lot better and flowed w| the vibe avril is giving off in her poses, etc ..

but the blending is really nice and pretty much makes it easy to overlook the pixelation . so yeah, i like it .