Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What I think about you.

We were suppose to this along time ago. I just though we’d do it in our first meeting. But it’s taking hella long to even get to the meeting. If you are not on the list then I don’t know who you are so comment and get added. The characters in the () is everyone’s yahoo messenger address. You have their permission to add them. If an email is next to this person’s name they don’t have yahoo messenger so please take the time out to send them an email introduce yourself. O.k. o.k. So these are the members of 2008.

Niecy (rnb_lover91), Meagan (urbnfiends.lyric), Alexis (pooh_fizzle), Rena (xxxbabyrenaxxx), Nique

Members 2008 All of the following members are active user of SD. So if you are not go to this check it out get to know each other
Taylor (mrs_chrisbrown91), Effie (fashion_junkie17), Ari (piscesprinxessxo), Freedom (freezyxbay),
Angelina (, Natasha (, Sarah (sweetpinklemonade0)

Iesha (, Lena (

Now, some of the members are good on commenting, so if you post a blog, you’ll most likely meet atless 2 members by just doing that. So if you don’t have yahoo messenger you have no excuse not to know the members of your group.

So our official members list:

This is going to be a long blog post that’s what I’m known for though right. I want to say something about everybody not because I have to but I’m bored and I’d like too. Feel free to copy me.

Niecy, freaking rocks. I’ve been hounding her since the day I joined UF and she hasn’t snapped and cussed me out yet so we’re cool.

Alexis, best fucking designer in the group that’s just my opinion though you’re all good but I so envy this chick. She has a great personality, lots of talent, oh and she’s a cheerleader. Cheerleaders are usually bitches so exceptation right here in urbnfiends Lexi is great.

Rena, I haven’t gotten the chance to know Rena, I do know she’s a good designer though. And her current status is Yall can stfu and kiss my ass that’s all I know about Rena. Oh and she went on a really amazing vacation.

Nique, yep.

Taylor, Rock Star. Tell me why that came to mind when I though of Taylor. She’s the best though. Wonderful personality, helpful, she likes Gary Ventura, uh I’ve had some really good convos with her I don’t remember what they were about, which probably means we were goofing. She’s another one of my favorite urbnfienders.

Ari, twisted ankle angel. Lmao. Don’t murder me for that Ari. Yet another one of my favs. Ari rocks. She makes me laugh. And, proud that I’ve been with urbnfiends from the beginning. I seriously could have been like damn still here, and I still suck, but Ari makes me feel good about it lol. If that makes any sense. Who wouldn’t like Ari really?

Effie, her name makes her cool as fuck. She doesn’t even have to talk just say Hey my name’s Effie. And, I’m like wow really how cool you rock!

Freedom, I haven’t gotten the chance to know her but she seems cool. Like a person I’d like to be cool with.

Angelina, another I haven’t gotten to know. But, she does have the same name as one of my old best friends. So, that’s cool.

Natasha, she was in the group before she filled out the application, that’s how much I liked the way she represented. The Prima J graphics were hot stuff.

Iesha, BBS I say bbs because we didn’t see anybody we liked from there but her and another girl, so bbs. :smh:

Lena, Niecy I say Niecy because after looking at all that stuff from BBS Niecy actually liked someone, and I felt like I achieved something. So Lena rocks for making me look good. And, she’s in college. And, a blog that she posted made me really like it. I felt like urbnfiends is coming back. So go Lena, go Lena.

Sarah, almost didn’t make this list. LMAO. If I didn’t talk to you about joining the group then I have no idea who you are because no one ever introduces me to anyone. So, if you didn’t come by me. :shrugs: Get at me like on a serious note. No, I got a chance to talk to her on yahoo. Good addition to the fam.

After all of this. I’m positive you all think I’m a major shameless geek. Which I kinda am so you’re right on track.

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