Thursday, August 7, 2008

allow me to REintroduce myself ...

my name is Lex ... L to the E - X ! LMAO ! since some people may not know EVERYTHING about me, I will take time out to give you some simple facts about me .....

Name : Alexis La`Faith Townsend
Alias : Pooh, Lexi, Rexxi
Birthday : November 26, 1993
Age : 14
Location : South Carolina
Hobbies : Graphic designing, dancing, singing,
writing, drawing, cheering and cooking .
Motto : You can only live one life,
so live your life to the fullest !
those are just some simple things about me that you guys may wonder . if you have a myspace add me at ! i go on there everyday and also add my graphic site on there . anything else you want to know about me feel free to ask me on myspace or YIM . i also have AIM if you want to add me : theCHOSENonelexi

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