Sunday, August 3, 2008

woah mo'

My PC is completely musicless. I did a recovery and it erases everything. I could be downloading mega music right now but my internet supporters gave out on us. And, I so don't blame my dad for not paying the bill. Those earthlink asswhole charged us 396.98 for our bill this month. And for what? DSL? Bitch please I won't pay that much for Direct TV. At first we were cool about it because we're really busy well my dad is. He's hardly at home so internet isn't really at the top of his head on bills he should pay. So we talked to the people and they said they'd take the cancel fee of 149 off. Which made us even more settle. Then we paid 100 dollars. And the next day we were going to pay the rest. But when the next day came it was like we didn't pay them anything they charged us 290.52. We were both like WTF? So no more DSL with earthlink. If you guys have any DSL people that you work with let me know because we're been through the entire phonebook all we could find was this dude that said they had dial up that was like DSL WTF is that? Jumping off topic. I want some Lupe Fiasco and some major Neo Soul, like Christina Michelle, India Aire, shit Heather Headley. Anyone who wants updates on the group. We got a new layout. CALENDAR PROJECT. Please get on it now. Like now now. Like this is yestersday and I've just found out about it now. For details or questions. email me. I'm trying to get a meeting set for you all. And, promotion for our blog, and board are coming up.

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