Wednesday, November 25, 2009

new applicants

So, we discussed it and decided we'd only be accepting four members. This isn't like one of our regular calls. My intention was to have a scouting only member call. But, I decided I'd put an application out there and see what happens. We got a couple of hits and I decided to post them here and let you guys take a look.

The thing I really want you to understand is that anyone can have an opinion, anyone can give criticism, but if your response isn't developed; you can't expect your advice to be taken seriously.

Usually our application process is very simple, fill out the application, complete the challenge, and then wait for either an acceptance letter, or a rejection letter. Only, most members aren't apart of the process for accepting new members. I want everyone to be apart of it.

The reason why is most of the applicants urbnfiends received is because of the tag (urbnfiends.(yournamehere) The tag we've been asking you all to put on your graphic since the beginning. I completely understand that some of the applicants may be someone you've already been working with and I believe that's all the more reason to include you in it.

Overlooking some of the members, and past conflicts with reviewing we won't be doing a blend challenge for all the applicants. We, however, we look into each applicant and decide what we're not seeing in their preview graphics and give them a chance to show us in their graphic challenge.

So, in the comments I want to leave your opinion of our new application process.

Anjel, devonashley, jada, criss

Anjel has been making graphics for over a period of 5 months. Devon Ashley has been making graphics on and off for a couple of years. Criss been making graphics for five years and believes her displacement and space-age look is what will most help her to stand out.

I scouted one person in particular Scout Number one. Her opening graphic really caught. The simplicity of it caught me off guard, and I haven't been apply to forget about it since.
This is the second scout
two. tell me what you think.....

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