Saturday, November 21, 2009

you guys are still around?

I'm sorry about the closing of public views of this site. Some of you have made me aware that you have misplaced your log in information to this blog. But, if you haven't noticed by now I always close the public viewing when we have something big going on.

So right about now I'm figuring out how I'm going to keep up managing urbnfiends and school. I'm going to begin attending The University of Mississippi on January 15th and I plan to be resident assitant and a conference assitant which means I'll be in school year round.

I do plan to do more than a little bit of networking while I'm there, so there's that also.

The list of production members that you see on this blog to the right is going to decrease. I'll be removing some old members that I haven't heard from since before my laptop crisis.

I am currently advertising membership openings on the bbs reloaded site, and I'll began scouting for members on Monday. I don't plan on adding any new members until my current membership list is verfied. I've come in contact with a good amount of you and I'm so excited about you still being on urbnfiends roster.

If you know me then you know I have alot of ideas. And, my plan is to get this thing done as fast as possible so we can bring 2010 in right.

If your wondering is there anything you can do to help; the answer is yes. Urbnfiends does need help with scouting for new members, and if there are any members whose contact information has changed over the year and you have it I need it.

Gracias para su ayuda mis amores que aprecio todo que usted ha hecho. urbnfiends no sería nada más que un golpe del viento sin su dedicación dulce.


Thanks for your help my loves I appreciate everything you have done. urbnfiends would be nothing more than a blow of the wind without your sweet dedication.

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