Tuesday, December 22, 2009

last but not least..;-].

hello all, my name is devonashley, but you might already know that.
uh...im 18.a college student, and i adore making graphics.
im happily in a relationship with my snookums! i lub him, he been holdin` me down for 2 years.
my style is whatever comes to mind, say im a jocker or say whatever but i like to find inspiration before i make a graphic.but i NEVER COPY!NEVER!
what im looking for is a team, ya know someone who wont get frustrated at me asking for help when i need it, or wont get made at all the silly questions i ask.because i can be nerve racking.;-]
im a natural hair diva!! i just big chopped december 19th, yay me!!
welp!, i think that may be it.if you have any questions, feel free to ask.i wont bite, i promise.
-with love,, devon.

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