Saturday, December 19, 2009

inhale my new - ness . :] -- Jada *

 Hello. I'm Ahja, but I prefer Jada. I'm an 18 year old college freshman. An Illinois resident. Born & raised. But I don't plan on spending the rest of my life here. Aries, April 2nd. But I was supposed to be born on the 13th. In the year I was born, that day was Friday. I'm African American, Native American, Creole & Italian. O.O" <-- I love making faces like those. My name is Hindu or Sakrit for, born of a lotus. To me, the music from Hairspray = Hot Sex. *blushes* I love all kinds of music except Country & Heavy Metal. Well Some heavy metal. I use Paint Shop Pro 9 & Photoshop CS4 for my graphics. I love selective coloring & the adjustment layers. xDDDDDDDDD.  I'm bisexual. But I think it's a passing phase for me. I current work at an I.T. shop doing graphics & web design. I'm a cross between and intern & an employee. I love eating. I want to have my own website & make resources for other people to use. That's about all I can come up with for the moment. My brain is spazzing out. Cause, I'm kinda hungry. Ask questions if you will. You can find me on yahoo messenger most of the time. ahja.indian_shit.

BTW . Midwest weather sucks. :[

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