Thursday, February 26, 2009


well well well. iLIZ is a newbie to this blog ; new to the whole blogging scene as think about it. my name is velma-elizabeth [momz jockin` mary-kate] ; no one calls me that tho. most give me the title of elizabeth and/or liz. i perfer liz =]. im 17 and counting. born july7th. junior in highschool ((2010)). im from indiana, next door to chicago. no i dont see corn and farms when im on the highway tehe. i attend a performing arts school...sadly. the producers of stepup are a bunch of liars !! i play the violin ; mind you i am a musiq slut. love every kind, i dont discriminate. my former designer name [i worked at giftedshadows on msn groups] was beautysleep. but i have crossed over to ; 1-800-GetaLIFE.

i feel as though i've bored you enough with my plain jane life. so it's nice to meet everyone...hopefully you'll see more of me

change requires progress, but not all progress is change -- Cecil R. Cross II

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