Sunday, March 1, 2009

how could yu be so HEARTLESS ;;

how could yu be so HEARTLESS ;; with the help of my idol Ren, i managed to make this cute little Kanye West theme blend. I think i'm starting to get better. I will soon have a tutorial up on how to make this cute little signature that I learned how to make not too long ago. I may also make an icon tutorial because people are starting to use those more daily. MY LIFE ;; school has been going great for me. cheerleading season is over with and I basically I nothing to do now. There is this one boy who has captured my heart, but we aren't in a relationship. I will hopefully be making more graphics like the Kanye West one and more.
lata babesz ;; REXXI =]

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sunset-blvd said...

this is BADDD. great, just wonderful! oh my.

and i love ren's work to