Friday, January 9, 2009

something close to happiness

So my competition in Nashville is canceled. The only thing I got for Christmas are bangs and an Ipod. My favorite song right now is "Halo" by Beyonce. The Knowlegde Bowl team just won against West Arkansas "On To The Second Round Babe!" I'm in love with myself right now. Working on a couple things like college applications Missouri State University, UT Chattnoga, Still haven't decided whether I'm going in the Fall or the Winter. I have to call the Admissions Office and see whether or not starting in Winter would be a good choice for me.

I'm looking for a paying gig. Hopefully I'll start getting some income. Right now I'm about to do some things for urbnfiends like the Cover Girl Challenge. VOTE! Magazine Assignments. Look for some manipulations. Type up something for the website.

Other than that, My life is pretty boring. Hanging out with friends ordering pizza. I'm into a guy right now, but he isn't into me or he's scared or whateve the hell we're on friendship level. All there really is, I'm swaying myself from commiting Murder 1 on this chick that can't keep her big bird eyes off me. I swear some bitches are just ignorance. But, I'm not about to get into it with nobody's teenage mother. :sighing: So Later B's.

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