Friday, January 9, 2009

Magazine Assignments

I'm really not sure of who to assign what. So I'm just going to post everything and you guys can leave comments on things we discussed and I left out. And tell which you think you'd be best at doing. And, We'll just assign when we pick the Cover Girl Challenge winner. I was assigning off the top of head. So if want yours change make a note of it in the comments.

Cover Page-
Interview with Mijo- Taylor
Best Story- Ari
Graphic Design- Alexis
Online Best Friends- Sarah
Horoscope- Rena
Fashion- Aniyah
Youtube Stars- Effie
Movie Reviews- Kenia


effieee! said...

could i do like music reviews or help w/ fashion?

cause youtube stars...yeahh i'll do it if i could get some people.

It's Sarah Baby ! said...

I just need someone to explain to me what I need to do?
Confuzzled a bit.

urbnFIENDS [ LEXI ] said...

so basically i make graphics on the cover right ? or something like that

LoVe Bomb said...

I can do whatever's left since I haven't been around for a minute.

meagan bre daniels said...

Ok, Lexi I put you on Graphic Design because basically what we're doing with that is talking about the new and different graphic tricks and I though you'd be good for it, So you're not making graphics for the cover unless you win the Cover Girl Challenge in that case you can drop this assignment you can use your graphics or other people's graphics as an example though.

Sarah, That is basically an interest article like some people are best friends but they have never meet they just know each other over the net. So you can go on some boards and maybe do a call. Contest kind of thing.

Effie, um I knew we were doing music on the web so you can go to myspace or whereever. Your can actually be entertainment. People like Phatphatt and Priscella Renea just really good people that are getting their shine on the net.

It's Sarah Baby ! said...

That would work for me, could I actually do myself.
Me and one of my friends, never met in person, basically friends over the net.

This shall be super easy for me.

effieee! said...

kayy thanks.