Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ren stopping by

Hey guys, decided to drop in a give and update.
My birthday is coming up next week 24th so you guys can start putting something together for me :wink: lol playing but yea- I've been somewhat busy and my latest project is to make a graphic for every song that i like on Kanye's latest album- let's see if i stick with it.

So i'll leave you with my first graphic from that project and one of my other more recent blends. both made this week.


effieee. said...

the robocop one is gorgeousss.

urbnFIENDS [ LEXI ] said...

REN ! i didn't know you were in urbnfiends ! if you don't know this is Rexxi =]

RENERZ said...

I didnt know you were either Rex! lmao