Saturday, December 27, 2008

Meeting Today

Hey guys. I have a competition in a week or so and I was thinking. Being a member of urbnfiends and considering our current status I wouldn’t very please with our standing. Being everything that’s going on I don’t really know what to do. We have a couple of new members that are not new at all now. I have plenty of stuff I want to get done. The how is the only thing that’s worrying me. So I’ve decided to have a meeting. I’ll let you guys in on what’s going on. And, you guys can give me some insight on how you think we should go about completing them.
We’re on Christmas Break. And, seeing that I’m in competition we Christmas break is going to extend another week into the weekend which means I won’t be back in school until January 12th.
I’m setting the meeting for December 27th. 4:00 Central Time. Whether you have yahoo or not you are expected to attend the meeting. Accommodations will be made. If the time and date of this meeting does not meet your standings please let me know again. Accommodations will be made.

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