Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Blog Layout

The blog was looking kind of old to me so i changed the layout. I have alot of school work I need to get started on, so pretty soon I'll be moving on to doing that. Considering the fact we aren't really getting any participation in any of the things I am trying to get going for urbnfiends I'm guessing I should just take them at a slower place. So this is the link to our board We are turning our board into a graphic forum. All things graphic related only. Once we get that part going then we'll try our hand at adding fanfic forums if necessary.

Lastly, our main website everyone needs to contact me so they can get log in information to add different things to the board. Now if you do not know the html code or CSS email me and I will sent you a tutorial. If you have no wish to learn then go to whatever page type in what you want on the page. Let me know when you have finished and I willl come in behind you and do the code for you that goes the same for different graphics you want on the page.

I am asking that every member takes the right to do whatever they can for urbnfiends. Whether it's promotion helping with different projects or ideas for the webpage. We really do need all the help we can get.


RenesSance said...
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RenesSance said...

Looks good so far- i'm dying to learn how to crank that CSS lol. I'll def e-mail u. Also im glad things are slowing down- i've been busy with my internship and school- im on during the days but only to do lil things between my set tasks at work so. yeah glad that things are slowing down and i'll def check the forum