Thursday, September 4, 2008

[enters] ReneSsance

Hey everybody- first newbie to post :). I'm Renee- but my friends call me flowers. I'm hailing from Jamaica W.I and i'm a very random, sometimes annoying and sarcastic, but fun too- when you get to know me. I like ALL types of music as long as it sounds good but I'm currently Chris B's baby mother and Kanye's wife so that's that. Smirnoff is my drink, Cooyah covers my back and escada keeps me sweet.

Got interested in graphics after quitting art school lmao. {Big mistake} Now Im doing a degree in comp systems and i work @ a production company [which has been a rollercoaster ride]. trust me.

Applied 2 Urbnfiends cause i liked the pro vybe that i got- and plan to enjoy my stay...

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