Tuesday, May 11, 2010

it's summer.

At-less for me it is. When does your summer start?
I have to find a job this summer and I can't make any useless purchases.
I have to save everything for school next semester.
My first semester of college was good.
It takes something like this to make you realize your true potential.

I started out the year determined and sure I was going to achieve a double major of Computer Science and Graphic Design, but now I don't know. I want to continue on as a double major. I'm just not sure which majors to pursue. I'm a business minded skilled writer with interest in computers, and graphic design. :/ Yea.

Anyhow what I really wanted us to get started on was our gallery, and personal website. I see some of you have already done that and I think that's awesome that just puts us ahead of our game. Once we get our personal websites together, I want to tie it all together with our main website, which is yet to be completed,(loud cough) or started on. So, I'll get started. You all can drop comments as to when we can all get together to see what pages each other are on.
Meagan Bre

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