Tuesday, January 26, 2010

stuck on this.

okay so...l0l I'm so stuck on this freakin graphic for a little minute, any suggestions?

im going fr a look as if she"s standing in front of a mural of herself i made 2 versions tell me which is better and what needs to be added or took away.thanks!


meagan bre daniels said...

I'm a deeper meaning type designer and person so idk if this will help you but I'd look deeper into the use of murals. The first one pretty much is correct. But for the sake of design I wouldn't use it.

A mural is an extremely large work of art, most often a painting, applied to the surface of a wall, ceiling, or floor. A mural can be one of several different styles, but all are designed to bring beauty to the building, whether inside or out. Many major cities feature murals along freeway sound barriers or underpasses. You might also spot a mural on the side of a downtown building. Refineries and energy companies sometimes use an outdoor mural to introduce color and brightness and to distract the eye from industrial stacks and machinery.

meagan bre daniels said...

so in basic in terms a mural is something pretty to take away from the visual ugliness i guess.