Sunday, October 19, 2008

crickets. crickets

been a WHILE! I miss UF :(. Uhm I guess while I can, I'll give everyone a quick update on my lifee. It SUCKS!loll. Mostly school. I really hate that school, classes are going okay trying to boost up my grades. I'm in the midst of attempting to transfer schools so wish me luck that I will be able to! I'm trying to get back in some type of shape for LACROSSE! First time going out for it, tryouts aren't until spring but I need to start early so yeah. Have to start hitting up that gym. On the graphic tip, I haven't made much. I kinda sorta took a little break from graphics, still making a few things here and there. I just want to see how much I will change if I just take a little time from it. I that makes much sense. I've started to not make my stuff so fancy and justlike add some color to it and all.I realy need to start working on COLORIZATIONS. They are like on of the things I hate the most next to having to put a CURVES LAYER hate that stuff. So yeah i just want to make them as best as I can, and as of now they are from it.

Sooo here is some stuff I have made since I have been away. If your a member of Fiction United or Seductive Dreams which I know a lot of you are you may have seen some or all of this stuff already.


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RenesSance said...

effie those are real cute. especially the rihanna 1